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How does ticketing work?

Ticketing Event type?

You can create 3 types of ticketed events.
1. Private Event - Only Guests that are on the list can purchase the tickets.
2. Password Protected Event - Only guests with password to the ticketing landing page can purchase tickets.
3. Public Event - Anyone can purchase the tickets.

Ticket type?

Each ticket type is a combination of price, name, quantity for sales, and guest tier (example: GA, VIP)

Ticket Service Fees?

You can pass on service fees to ticket buyers. The ticket service fees can be up to 10% of the ticket price + $1. You get to keep the ticket service fees. Our fee is always $1 per ticket.

How do I pay my fees?

We collect $1 for each ticket you sell. Our fees are taken from the deposit amount when you transfer to your Stripe account.

How do I get my payout?

We do not hold your event payout.
Stripe will deposit the payment directly to your bank account every 48 hours every time there is a sale.

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