Moving Pending RSVPs to Confirmed RSVPs

Sometimes, you get an RSVP from your guests that need to be manually confirmed -- for example if a guest calls to confirm their attendance but doesn’t click on the link in their email invitation.

With Guestsnow, you can confirm pending RSVPs in a few simple steps:


1. Go to your Event page, under Guests and scroll down to the RSVP Lists section.

2. Next to the mailing list you need to update, click on the Edit icon.

3. On the List Editing page, go to the Pending tab.

4. Select the guests you want to confirm by checking the box under Move to RSVP'd and click on Move. These will now disappear from the Pending tab and be moved to the RSVP’d tab. Our system will send a confirmation email to notify them that they are confirmed on the list and their name will be ready for check-in on event day.

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