Individual Guest List RSVP/Registration Link

With Guestsnow, you can create an individual RSVP/Registration link for your guest list. This is perfect if you need an individual link for each guest list with different guest type or you do not want to use our system to send out RSVP/registration invites.

For Private RSVP/Registration events: Only guests whose emails are on the list will be able to RSVP

For Public RSVP/Registration events: Any guest can RSVP with the link

To create an individual RSVP/Registration link:

1. In your Event, under Guests, click on Create in the Send RSVP Invites section.

2. Enter a title for your new Guest List and select a Guest Type (e.g. VIP, Guest, Press, etc.), then click Save.

3. Back on the Event page, you’ll notice your new list under RSVP Lists. Click on the Link icon to copy the link for the list.

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