Case Studies

Melbourne AFL Football Club

The Melbourne Australian Football League (AFL) Club is a professional AFL team, currently ranked 5th in the league. Their home stadium is the well-known Melbourne Cricket Ground -- or MCG -- and it can host up to 102,000 fans. Every year, Melbourne FC uses Guestsnow to manage dozens of events ranging from Membership Promotions to Premium Events happening both on and off the stadium. Highlights include the annual “Welcome Game,” which gathers 20,000 attendees from 100+ cultural backgrounds, and their #FireUp promotions for season ticket holders. Guestsnow’s multiple Contributor tiers, VIP Notifications, and synchronized check-ins are just some features that help provide Melbourne FC with a one-stop solution for all their events.

Guestsnow features that Melbourne AFL Football Club utilizes:

  • Guest list feature
  • Mobile app check-in
  • Event report

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