Case Studies

The dFm

Marketing & Advertising Agency

Marketing the world's hottest brands is a high-pressure situation, which is why The dFm relies on Guestsnow. The New York and LA-based creative agency uses the app to manage events for global brands like Nike, Coach and Spotify. In the world of live events marketing a single Tweet from a celebrity or media influencer can make or break a brand. With functions like multiple lists, real-time updates, and custom branding, Guestsnow ensures a flawless guestlist experience, whether its a secret gig for MTV or an art show for ASOS.

Guestsnow features that The dFm utilizes:

  • RSVP feature
  • Customized RSVP invite
  • Customized RSVP page
  • Guest list feature
  • Un-invite guest feature
  • Guest list Limitation feature
  • Scan QR code
  • Mobile app check-in
  • Event capacity tracking
  • RSVP Site analytics
  • Collect RSVP guests data
  • Event analytics

Read about us!

  • "Guestsnow is for anyone that needs to invite and check-in guests or track attendance. It can be used for all types of events"
  • "Putting together a large event is a massive endeavor with a lot of loose ends to consider... but with so many convenient features Guestsnow claims to be the best one yet"